FEStiVAL Terms & Conditions

The Arisaig Americana Music Festival – hereafter known as ‘Arisaig Americana’ – is an annual music festival hosted by the Arisaig Americana Music Festival Committee, a voluntary group of members. It manages and promotes a weekend event of live music, workshops and pre-arranged spaces for public jam sessions at venues hosted by other organisations on their premises.

These terms and conditions apply and are deemed as accepted to purchasers of a ticket and / or attendees to any of our ticketed or free entry live music performances, workshops or public jam sessions during the annual festival weekend.

Arisaig Americana’s terms and conditions include but are not limited to:

Festival line-up
Festival line-up is subject to change. Sometimes this is beyond our control and can be attributable to illness, travel, adverse weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances. We endeavour to replace any cancelled act with a similar, high quality performance act but are not obliged to do so.

Event Photography
By attending any of our promoted events or by purchasing a ticket, all attendees (including guardians on behalf of their children) agree to be photographed and filmed and for the resultant images and footage to be used by Arisaig Americana in marketing and promotion.

Arisaig Americana will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained before, during or after the event.

Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol sales and consumption at licensed events managed by Arisaig Americana are strictly for 18+ years.

If you are over 18 but look like you might be under 25 you must bring photo ID to be allowed to buy /consume alcohol at any licensed events managed by Arisaig Americana.

Illegal drugs will not be tolerated at Arisaig Americana. Please do not bring and/or take illegal drugs. If you are found to have any illegal drugs, they may be confiscated and you will be ejected from the event.

Festival tickets are purchased via a secondary online sales provider website ‘Ticket Tailor’. By purchasing tickets you agree to theirs and their third-party’s Terms and Conditions.

Festival tickets are not refundable.

Each ticket is a printable document that will be emailed to you. The name on the ticket is not checked against ID unless there is a problem scanning the ticket. If someone has a copy of your ticket they can claim your entry. We cannot be held responsible for the security of your ticket. Please be careful and don’t share images of your ticket anywhere online.

Event cancellation
In the case of the event being cancelled due to matters beyond our control, refunds will not be available automatically and Arisaig Americana is not obliged to refund tickets. Arisaig Americana will either carry tickets forward as valid for the next annual festival or if deemed financially feasible after a period of assessment, offer a refund.

Band cancellation
If one or more of our advertised line-up of bands are in no position but to cancel their performance at short notice, tickets will remain non-refundable. We will endeavour to replace their performance slot with another band to the best of our ability, but ask you to understand that this may not be possible at very short notice.  

Arisaig Americana reserves the right to amend these T&Cs without notice at any time.